Buckey of Windy Hills Farm

Buckey is an incredibly intelligent and stunning boy. He has an easy going temperament, but is our best herding dog. Very loyal companion that must accompany his master everywhere! Like his sire, Blaze, his pedigree is also filled with a very long line of Australian champions.

Java of Tilting Lance


Blaze is a one-a-kind, he has a mind of his own and loves to spend his day leading our pack with quite confidence and herding our goats. He is outgoing, a little too smart for his own good with a very unique sense of humor. His pedigree is filled with a long line of Australian champions.


Windy Hill's Stormy Blue

Stormy Blue is the definition of a sweetheart. Although a little stubborn at times, she is an extremely affectionate family dog who wants nothing more than to cuddle, and be the center of your attention. Stormy Blue is a very protective mother always keeping a watchful eye on her precious babies and family. With strong agility, herding and obedience champions in her pedigree, Stormy produces well rounded puppies able to succeed in anything you choose to pursue.

Windy Hill's Scarlet

Scarlet has endless amounts of energy! She is a very loving, and attentive companion, and was a wonderful mother to her beautiful, beloved babies. Scarlet was bred from some of the best herding and agility lines in the world. Her Scottish Import sire, Bo, is an AKC agility champion.